Thursday, January 29, 2009

Finnish Designers and Shopping Lists

Finnish sister and brother Anna and Tuomas Laitinen are designers behind fashion label 'Laitinen'. It has been said that:
"The Laitinens’ dark aesthetics combine northern melancholy with precise cuts, luxurious materials and subtle detailing."
Well said! Here's my pics from their most recent collections.

Laitinen Spring/Summer '09

Laitinen Fall/Winter '08-'09

Tomorrow I'm finally going shopping! What I need to find (tomorrow or at least soon):

- Leather jacket
- Scarf
- Black skinny jeans
- Ballerina's or other flats
- Black tights
- Skirt x 2
- White tunic
- Dark jeans
- Some new jewellery

Wish me luck!

Pictures Agentur V.


Jordan said...

great collection!

and yes, stock up on basics! i find the most interesting outfits are classic pieces put together in a unique way!

♥ fashion chalet said...

thanks for your comment!!
heyyy great collection here =]


love and youth said...

yeah im in desperate need of the basics because one third of my wardrobe is in another country where i used to live so i need new clothes to fill in the gaps!


Anonymous said...

wow i've never heard of this designer. the collection is gorgeous, though. i better check it out :)

setyourselfonfire said...

I've never heard of this designer either but it looks great :)

Thanks for dropping by my blog xx

Dooder City said...

good luck with your shopping adventure!

Diane said...

I live in the California desert but would love those scarfs...