Friday, January 16, 2009

Bags And Bangles

I went shopping yesterday and I found this cute bag from Mango. It is really small, but I already tested it in action when I went to a friend's party last night and it comfortably carries a small wallet, lip gloss, powder, phone and keys. So everything I need for going out! When my boyfriend saw the bag he laughed. He doesn't really get bags as small as this one. But I love it anyway.

Bag from Mango, brown ring from Australia, white ring from H&M, bangles from Australia, perfume Burberry Summer

Sorry for the bad quality of the photo but I managed to break my camera during Christmas, so this is taken with my phone's camera. I'm planning to buy a new camera, hopefully soon.

I also bought blue dress from H&M and some necklaces. I love shopping vintage, but where I now live, there's only one vintage shop and the supply isn't very good (and the owner smokes inside the shop which makes the clothes smell). I think I have to go to Amsterdam soon, I'm desperate for some cool vintage finds!


The Clothes Horse said...

It's a cute bag. I always struggle with fitting all my junk into small ones though. :)

love and youth said...

haha yeah me too but somehow i manage to do it!

Anonymous said...

Such a great bag!

Anna-Maria said...

thank you so much !
Mine was on sale,so I had pretty much luck.

really cute blog too !

best regards

Becca said...

Thankyou for the comment!
That bag is sweet, I find small bags are great for going out at night because they are too small to be bother but you have less chance of losing anything, as with pockets. :)

FashionSqueah! said...

That bag is lovely, a really pretty colour! That sounds disgusting, shopping inside a clothes shop, and as if vintage clothes don't smell strong enough anyway! Char x

Anonymous said...

Very sweet bag, but i can't live without big bags!

I can't believe the owner smokes. I hate smoking and the stench is disgusting. One of the great things about vintage shops is being able to drift away and dream about who might have owned the quirky shawl or sunglasses and imagine what their life was like and how you can take a piece from the past and revive it.


love and youth said...

Yeah I totally agree, the smoking "kills" the clothes too...

And thank you all for the lovely comments!

Anonymous said...

Cute bag! ;D

Flores Hayes said...

what a lovey bag!

my roommate bought a panda bag!
She is just THRILLED with it and can’t put it down.