Saturday, January 31, 2009

What I Found

Here's what I bought yesterday from Antwerp:

Cosy knit from Sfera
Dark skinny jeans also from Sfera
Bangles from H&M, necklace second-hand
White shirt / tunic from Pimkie
Ballerinas from H&M
Scarf also from H&M
Snakeskin clutch vintage

So, I'm very pleased with what I found. And last night's movie (the Curious Case of Benjamin Button) was really good! I have to admit, I had a tear in the corner of my eye at some point (I cry easily in the movies). The story was lovely and the actors so talented (especially Cate Blanchet was amasing). The only minus was the length of the movie, almost three hours! But still, I would say that the movie is now one of my all time favourites!

Friday, January 30, 2009

What a Good Day

Here's a picture from where we were, can anyone guess the city?

(Okay its Antwerp in Belgium).

Our little shopping trip went really well! I found dark skinny jeans, white tunic, beige knit, light pink scarf, light purple tunic, black ballerinas and bangles! I'm very pleased with myself even tough I didn't find everything I wanted. The rest I get from Madrid, maybe. Tomorrow I will post pictures of what I bought!

I'm off to movies now to see the Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Enjoy your weekend everyone! xx

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Finnish Designers and Shopping Lists

Finnish sister and brother Anna and Tuomas Laitinen are designers behind fashion label 'Laitinen'. It has been said that:
"The Laitinens’ dark aesthetics combine northern melancholy with precise cuts, luxurious materials and subtle detailing."
Well said! Here's my pics from their most recent collections.

Laitinen Spring/Summer '09

Laitinen Fall/Winter '08-'09

Tomorrow I'm finally going shopping! What I need to find (tomorrow or at least soon):

- Leather jacket
- Scarf
- Black skinny jeans
- Ballerina's or other flats
- Black tights
- Skirt x 2
- White tunic
- Dark jeans
- Some new jewellery

Wish me luck!

Pictures Agentur V.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

You Are What You Love


Two pieces.

Cool jackets and white dresses.


Today I was looking for some inspiration and found Proenza Schouler's Spring 2008 collection. I like it a lot! And if you want to listen to a really cool song by Kate Havnevik click here (goes well with the feeling of this collection).

Have a nice week everybody!

Pictures Proenza Schouler.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy Sunday!

I used to think that Sunday was the most boring day of the week, but then I discovered that a bar here where I live has the best Sunday nights called "the Crazy Piano": a really good live band, lots of happy people and cheap drinks. So that's where I'm heading tonight!

In the picture is an outfit that I like, so I'm gonna go for something like that (have to dig into my wardrobe). But one thing is missing: the Chanel bag...

And I also wanna thank for all the lovely comments and say welcome to new readers! xx

Picture Emilia de Poret.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Marimekko Pre-Fall

I want this dress above!
Cute colours

Marimekko released yesterday their Pre-Fall collection. Here's my three favourites; I love the blue dress in the first picture, such a lovely print and amasing colours. In the middle picture I like the shape of the skirt and the autumn-like colours. And in the third picture the combination of yellow dress and purple tights is really cool (would def brighten up those rainy autumn days). Makes me excited about the coming autumn even tough its not even spring yet... hmm maybe there's something wrong with me.

I'm so happy that the internet was invented. I have been sick for a week or so and not really been able to do anything, so without the wonders of the web I'd be seriously bored. I so feel like going shopping! I seriously need something new. But I'm going to Madrid in the beginning of February so maybe there I can satisfy my shopping needs! Any good tips what to do/where to go in Madrid?

Pictures Marimekko.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sverige / Sweden

Ebba von Sydow is an editor-in-chief of the webedition of Swedish woman's magazine Veckorevyn. She is considered as a style icon in Sweden and clothes and other stuff she mentiones in her popular blog, are usually sold out within hours. She wears a lot of clothes from Swedish designers, such as Acne, Whyred and Filippa K, and loves knits, layering and little jackets (like me!)

I think her style is nothing too kooky but very Scandinavian and cute!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I got tagged by lovely Fatally Blonde and the tag was to select 4th picture from the 4th folder on your computer. So here it is!

The picture is from Australia, Byron Bay. I was there in 2006 and did some backpacking along the East Coast. It was a cool trip, and I will definitely go back some day!

I guess these things circulate a lot, but I'm still gonna play it forward. So now I'm gonna tag the following bloggers:

Life Full of Fashion
Fashion Architect and last but not least
Style Du Jour by Naomi

Monday, January 19, 2009

Boy By Band Of Outsiders

Seriously, Boy By Band Of Outsiders is something almost too cool for words. I just know I have found a major inspiration for this spring.

What I love about this collection:
  1. the clean colour palette (I'm seriously bored with the bright-colours-for-spring -mentality)
  2. the trousers and how they end just above the ankle (must-have)
  3. the tailored jackets (also must-have)
  4. the pencil skirts (look nice but probably not on me, have to test first)
  5. the slight "indie-rock meets Swedish fashion blogger" -feeling (like this!)

Pictures from

Friday, January 16, 2009

Bags And Bangles

I went shopping yesterday and I found this cute bag from Mango. It is really small, but I already tested it in action when I went to a friend's party last night and it comfortably carries a small wallet, lip gloss, powder, phone and keys. So everything I need for going out! When my boyfriend saw the bag he laughed. He doesn't really get bags as small as this one. But I love it anyway.

Bag from Mango, brown ring from Australia, white ring from H&M, bangles from Australia, perfume Burberry Summer

Sorry for the bad quality of the photo but I managed to break my camera during Christmas, so this is taken with my phone's camera. I'm planning to buy a new camera, hopefully soon.

I also bought blue dress from H&M and some necklaces. I love shopping vintage, but where I now live, there's only one vintage shop and the supply isn't very good (and the owner smokes inside the shop which makes the clothes smell). I think I have to go to Amsterdam soon, I'm desperate for some cool vintage finds!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I've Fallen In Love!

Some stylish cycling at Copenhagen Cycle Chic

Today I found the perfect street style blog: Copenhagen Cycle Chic! The blog is so cool, because it combines two of my favorites: style and cycling (as funny as the idea may first sound). After living here in the Netherlands I've learned to love cycling because:
  1. its cheaper and better for the environment than cars and buses
  2. its actually quicker and handier in the city centre (no trouble with finding parking)
  3. its good for your health
  4. its just fun!

Suvi Koponen - A New Top Model

Suvi Koponen is a newcomer to the small crowd of top models, but she has already gained popularity in the fashion industry and among designers.

Suvi Koponen was born in Finland and currently lives in New York. She started her career by winning a Finnish model competition Mallikoulu (Model School, similar to America's Next Top Model) in 2005. The same year she debuted on the runway for Neil Barrett in New York.

Since then her popularity has grown rapidly. She has walked down the runways of big names in fashion: Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, Calvin Klein, Luis Vuitton, Prada, Missoni, Dolge & Gabbana, Vera Wang, Marc Jacobs and Karl Lagerfeld, only to name a few.

In addition to the runways she has appeared in editorials for W, Harper's Bazaar and Italian, British, French and American Vogues. She has starred in Mulberry, Blumarine, Balenciaga ads and (most lately) was the face of Calvin Klein Collection fall 2008 campaign, photographed by Fabien Baron.

In a release to WWD Francisco Costa explained his choice to use Suvi:

“The clothes are categorized by sharp, angular lines with a real emphasis at the waist, torso and legs. We thought that Suvi was the perfect choice to bring that to life in this very graphic campaign. She’s so current and versatile in her look and expression. She really exudes a certain strength that echoes the overall look of the season.”

The Calvin Klein Collection ad

Versace Spring 2009

Diesel Black Gold Spring 2009

Donna Karan Spring 2009

Suvi is only in the start of her modelling career. I hope a lot of success for her in the future!

Photos from New York Magazine and

Monday, January 12, 2009

Style Never Goes Out Of Fashion

I love individuality and people who have developed their own distinctive sense of style.

I am addicted to street style blogs from all over the world. I love seeing how people dress in real life, because that inspires me more than the looks on the runways. I have always appreciated style more than fashion. I follow trends and get excited over new seasons but some things never change, like my fondness of black tights, dark skinny jeans, ballerina flats, chunky knits, big rings and vintage clothes, bags and shoes.

Street style blogs are a great source of inspiration but also almost like traveling. Photos of the people and places in Reykjavik/Tokyo/Sydney/Los Angeles/Berlin take me on a journey to the daily life of those places. Virtual traveling has it's benefits, no jet lags and its for free, all in the comfort of your own home (with a big cup of coffee in my case).

My favorites are the street style blogs of Helsinki, Stockholm, Amsterdam, London and New York.

Photos from Stockholm Street Style, Dam Style and Copenhangen Street Style.