Saturday, May 21, 2011

Saturdays are for picnics


So today I'm gonna wear the new white dress (featured in the previous post) with some ballet flats and huge sunnies... Enjoy your weekend, I'm off to a park with friends and some white wine!

Update: tonight's party hair accessory

(H&M hair clip roses and Cailap hairband)



Hermosa Makeup said...

Love your hair accessory! It just reminds me of Blair from Gossip Girl!! So chic!

Shelby said...

gorgeous photos! hope you had a lovely picnic!! and your hair piece is gorgeous <3shelby

Etrapar said...

here it was a bad weather for picnic but I hope next weekend I can do that, I engoy so much eating outside :)

Whitney said...

Really?! You lived in Holland? How funny! Can you speak Dutch? Do you like it in Finland?

On they have nice maxi skirts! I still have to buy one...


jagadeesh said...

amazing and gorgeous photos !!!!!!!