Monday, August 9, 2010

making of

I love seeing what goes on behind the curtains of a fashion shoot. Zara frequently shares their photos on their official facebook page.

Few of the photos are from the summer collection (the first four to be exact). But I can't wait for the new collection to hit the shops!

PS. I have to admit I already ordered boots for the fall (and summer isn't even over yet, I know!!). But they were just what I wanted.... 

Over the knee boots, La Redoute

See you next time! xx


A BRIT GREEK said...

Great shots, love the sunglass one!

Nah, it's not to early to start investing in Winter fashion... I know how cold it can get in Finland, so those boots are perfect!


Etrapar said...

haha, you are right about enjoing of what happens behind the makes you always smile! ^.^

eliska.h said...

LOVE these photos and thanks for the tip on the zara backstage shoots!
thank you for your comment.
i'm going to follow you, feel free to do the same=)

Erica said...

I love Zara! Those boots are awesome!

Trixy said...

I love the photos of what happens behind the scenes. I especially love the shots when models get their makeup done.

Jacks Wilson said...

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