Sunday, July 25, 2010

new starts and buys

Silver necklace H&M, colourful necklace second hand

It's good to be back! I started this blog a year and a half ago, and while reading my older posts before writing this one I noticed that my style has changed quite a lot during this time. The basics are still there but some things are essentially different.

When I started my style was very bohemian influenced, now it's a mix between laidback jeans girl and the city girl who appreciates the classics like white shirts and tailored jackets. Two summers summers ago my go-to piece would have been a floral dress, now its been boyfriend shorts, nude heels and a stripy loose top. The two neclaces I bought this week (pictured above) capture my current style essentials pretty well: the other is chic, big and chunky, while the other is more fun, pretty and girly.

Having that said, roughly a year ago I wrote a post about my dream bag, which was (and still is) Mulberry Bayswater. I also wrote that that bag would be my first designer bag I would buy. Well that turned out to be untrue, cos here's my first buy, the LV Speedy 25.

It's "vintage" from 1995. I love it, even though I know the Monogram patterned bags are the most copied of all the designer bags... But I think it's so versatile, classic and goes with everything. Of course you are allowed to disagree!

From now on I'll be around a bit more in the blogging world... got my inspiration back!

PS. The pictures of my old posts are a bit off, that's because I changed the layout of the blog. If this is your first visit to my blog and thinking whether you like it or not, hope you don't mind!


Trixy said...

First of all, welcome back! Second of all, I love, love, LOVE your purchases! I can't believe the silver necklace is from H&M. And congratulations on your first buy! Even though it's copied a lot, it's such a wonderful classic. I love that it's from 1995; it kind of gives it a vintage feel. Love!

Alecca Rox said...

oh welcome back!
it's always great to read that someone's inspiration is back:)

that LV bag is a gem. it is a classic indeed and will last you a lifetime so even thought I'm not obsessed with designer items, I say thumbs up!

*do not hesitate to contact me (email at my blog) if you are coming to Greece for tips and suggestions;)

Leia said...

Love your new buys! I'm not a huge fan of monogrammed prints but you know what, you just can't beat LV for quality. I have inherited a few LV bags from relatives and they are just as new and sturdy today as they were when they were first bought! and yes, they really do go with everything :)


Sherin said...

I love that first necklace. I can imagine it going so well with everything.

A BRIT GREEK said...

Hey girl,

what a great little investment!!!

I'm also experimenting with my blog look right now!

Thanks for your sweet comment!